The 6th International Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture (GGAA2016) conference was held in Melbourne between the 14th and 18th February 2016. The next GGAA conference (GGAA2019) will be held in Foz do Iguacu (Iguazu Falls), Brazil in 2019 (further details are in section 2 below).

The GGAA2016 conference was attended by around 335 delegates from over 40 countries. There were 15 Invited keynote speakers and 50 offered presentations, with over 220 posters displayed. The conference include two Pre-conference workshops, with the SF6 workshop attended by 20 delegates and the chamber workshop attended by 22 delegates.

The mid-conference tour to Ellinbank attracted 110 delegates, who were shown the latest equipment in rotating groups:

  • Three different in-vitro digestion methods.
  • Automatic chambers for measuring nitrous oxide, connected to an FTIR.
  • An open path laser system for measuring whole herd methane.
  • The SF6 method for measuring methane.
  • Two styles of open circuit (whole cow) respiration chambers.
  • Two styles of Greenfeed systems for measuring methane.

All delegates were given the opportunity to publish their research in a GGAA2016 special edition, published in Animal Production Science. There are two volumes of the special edition, with the Volume I containing 60 peer reviewed papers that were available at the start of the conference. A volume II will be published in May 2016, containing a further 20 peer reviewed papers.

A number Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gasses meetings were also hosted during the conference, aiming to further enhance international collaborative research networks. These meetings included, the Animal Selection, Genetics and Genomics Network, the Manure Management Network, the newly formed Integrated Research Group Network, the Food and Nutrition Network and the Livestock Research Group Network.